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Survey Work Completed in Jiangxi

Press Release Date: October 08, 2014

ARUN Minerals and partners have just completed a four month long exploratory survey of a promising new field in Jiangxi province.

ARUN Minerals in conjunction with two other companies partnered with us in a long term arrangement focused on early stage exploration and site development have just completed survey work being carried out under licenses in three key areas of the Naikeng quartz field in Jiangxi province. This work has been deemed successful with the areas surveyed offering promising results.

The Naikeng quartz field along with those located at Hamashi and Dongjie also in Jiangxi province represents the best possibility of locating economically viable gold reserves that are well suited to offer expansion to existing mining operations within the province. It is because of this that ARUN and its partners have taken the opportunity to accurately assess the viability of beginning developmental stage mining within these fields.

With field work in Naikeng’s sites of interest now completed and initial results indicating strong potential for two of these, ARUN is now awaiting more detailed ore testing results before a final decision on how to proceed with these sites is made. Government licenses for additional operations at all three sites are already held by ARUN.

In a statement from ARUN Mineral’s Director of Surveys and Exploration Mr. Tang Chi Mo in regards to the recently completed work was positive and stated “though we’re still awaiting more detailed analysis to be carried out on the ore samples recovered in the field, preliminary examination has shown that in to areas recovery of greater than 4.5g/t is possible with this making such an endeavor attractive to our company. The third area studied while not reaching this level with offerings in the region of 4g/t is still one that could be of benefit to other concerns, leading to the possibility of a sale of the licenses for the site or perhaps a new partnership arrangement with a new concern. This has been one of the most rewarding field stage surveying efforts that ARUN has been involved with in recent years and we are confident that it will result in a great deal of benefit to all involved.”

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